Spey Fishing

The Kenai River

Welcome to the world class two handed fishery located right in Central Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula.

Outgoing Angling Spey Fishing Trips

Trout Spey

The Kenai  is an epic two hand river, with its large wadeable runs and beautiful undulating buckets.

Spey fishing is both a fun technique to acquire and implement, spey casting is extremely efficient and also highly addictive.  Many anglers are completely enamored with this method, refuse to fish in any other manner and travel great distances to catch specific species on spey rods.

Spey Fishing on the Kenai River offers a distinct advantage given the river’s size and rate of flow.  Whether you’re an expert or have never held a two-handed rod before, one of our spey fishing guides will be glad to cut you loose on a productive run or start from square one with beginner casting lessons.

Micro Spey

Micro Spey and Trout Spey are growing in popularity among the fly fishing community and for good reason. Using an extra light spey or switch rod to target trout or any fish on the swing is a blast. A 5 weight spey is a common line size for micro spey or trout spey.

The Kenai Peninsula offers several great options for spey fishing including full length spey rods and micro spey rods.  Targeting trout on the Kenai River is a great quarry for the average spey angler,  one could learn the basics of trout spey and then take what they’ve learned to the big leauges then targeting king salmon and steelhead.

Outgoing Angling provides comprehensive spey casting lessons, where we specialize in both teaching the fundamentals of spey casting as well as refining decent casters into great casters.

Steelhead Of The Kenai 

The Kenai River recieves a solid run of fall steelhead annually, some would argue they start in the summer but are around in numbers during the fall.  Kenai Peninsula steelhead are classified as fall run fish entering the river as early as August but reach their best targetable numbers in September and October.

Steelhead that enter our rivers mostly overwinter in lake systems usually near the headwaters.  These steelhead will remain in the systems and spawn sometime around May and out migrate back to the ocean thereafter.

Swinging flies for steelhead is a truly enlightening and often humbling experience, for those bit by the bug already, it’s “the only way.”

Steelhead are typically targeted with a +/- 7wt two hander with applicable skagit head, densities of flies and tips vary with the specific run fished. 


steelhead on the swing
steelhead on the swing

King Salmon on Spey

King Salmon on a fly rod can be considered a unicorn but are completely attainable in Alaska. This includes locations like Kasilof River, Kenai River, Mat-Su Valley and Copper River Valley, where king runs are still fairly strong.  There’s no better way to catch a king than on a down and across presentation on a spey rod.

While King salmon (chinook) populations are down across the Pacific Northwest many avid spey anglers MUST cross one off the list, what better place than Alaska. 

Kings love the down and across presentation of a swung fly, are often deep and live in expansive runs, this makes them the perfect target for spey rods.  Using 8-10 weight two handed rods allows us to cast both heavy tips and flies.  Sinking the fly before coming tight is important while targeting kings as they’re usually pretty tight to the bottom of the river.

Tube flies, shank flies, intruders and even weightless marabous are all important to have in the box while swinging kings.  Fairly heavily weighted flies are often employed to get down to the fish.    

steelhead on the swing
Kenai Rainbow Trout

Kenai River Trout Fishing

The Kenai River is hard to beat for trout fishing but we do offer opportunities elsewhere in Alaska.


AN image of a Florida Keys Bonefish caught aboard an Outgoing Angling Florida Keys Fishing Charters.

Drift Boat Fishing

See the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers from a drift boat and learn why powerboats aren’t always necessary.