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Kenai River

Alaska’s most affordable destination for world class salmon and trout fishing, close to Anchorage, close to adventure.

The Kenai River By Section

The Upper Kenai – Cooper Landing, AK

The upper kenai is within two hours of downtown Anchorage.  This section of river is drift boat only which provides a serene setting for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.  From the river’s start in Kenai Lake to its outflow into Skilak Lake, the upper river is incredibly picturesque and undeveloped.  Cooper Landing has some local amenities and lodging but typically lacks accoutrements someone would require to spend several days in one central location.

The Middle Kenai River – Sterling, AK

Sterling Alaska isn’t much more than a bump on the highway with a gas station and newly built grocery store.  However the Middle Kenai river winds just behind town as it flows out of Skilak Lake and towards Cook Inlet, the middle is also home to a mix of drift and powerboats.

The Lower Kenai River – Soldotna, AK

Soldotna would be considered a small city with many modern amenities, full grocery stores, breweries, lumber yard, numerous fish processors and plenty of restaurants.  The Lower Kenai River is dominated by powerboats with the ability of going up and down river efficiently.

Kenai River

Fishing Seasons

We are able to trout fish nearly year round, weather provided.  The Upper and Middle Kenai close May 1st to June 11th annually but the river remains open in the lower river.  Salmon begin to enter the rivers as early as May but the run timings peak in June, July and August.  Trout fishing is impressive all summer but peaks in the fall months, predictably September.

An image of Florida Keys Tarpon rolling under the bridges of the Florida Keys.

Kenai River

Dates To Know

June 11 – Season Opener.  The Upper and Middle River open for trout as well as salmon fishing annually.

August 16 – Bait Opener.  The Lower River opens to the use of bait and multiple hooks for silver salmon.

Nov 1st – Bait Closes.  November marks the closing of bait as well as silver salmon season, salmon may not be retained or removed from the water after October.

An image of Florida Keys Tarpon rolling under the bridges of the Florida Keys.
An image of a tarpon at the side of a Florida Keys Fishing Charter on-board Outgoing Angling.

Kenai Trout Fishing

Learn more about the trophy rainbow trout fishery on the Kenai River and see why they are a coveted gamefish of Alaska.


AN image of a Florida Keys Bonefish caught aboard an Outgoing Angling Florida Keys Fishing Charters.

Kenai River Salmon Fishing

The Kenai River receives a prolific run of salmon annually.  Learn more about the different species, run timing and techniques used.