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The Outgoing Angling Mission

At Outgoing Angling, we strive to show anglers the raw beauty and unlimited joy that can be found in the natural fisheries of the United States.

Whether on the flats and backcountry of the Florida Keys, or the wilderness of the Kenai Peninsula for Alaska Salmon Fishing, Captain Jordan creates unforgettable fishing adventures for anglers of any experience level.

Through the sheer beauty encountered in all of our adventures, it is our mission to inspire respect and conservation for our fragile river and ocean ecosystems throughout the United States.

An image of a stellar Alaskan fish caught in the rivers of the Alaskan wild.

Our most popular
Fishing Excursions

An image of a bonefish caught on the flats and backcountry of the Florida Keys.

Fly Fishing the Florida Keys

Join Captain Jordan Carter  on an immersion into the tropical fly fishing paradise known as the Florida Keys.

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An image of an amazing tarpon caught on the flats of the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Looking for an unforgettable tarpon fishing excursion in the Florida Keys? Join Captain Carter to hunt the powerful silver king.

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An image of an Alaska river fishing adventure with Outgoing Angling

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Catch wild Alaskan Salmon in the rivers and streams near the Kenai River in America’s untouched natural beauty.

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